The concept behind SalesTags, a product of Sales Pro Connect, was to re-imagine the modern sales professional’s resume. The goal of the project was to create a quick, visual mechanism to identify and programmatically sort candidates who fit sales role requirements.


Sales Pro Connect wanted to revolutionize the way their sales recruiting business sourced and presented candidates. Additionally, they wanted to build an application that would make sales resumes more visual, also including a competitive differentiator from other industry recruiters.

"A lot of the firms I approached wanted me to pay a significant cost before I'd even tested the market. The Carimus team was critical in helping me think through what I wanted to build and was able to create a better first step so I could test the market. Now, I use the application daily and it's a real competitive advantage."

Chris Cimeno


To do this, we provided strategy and design services to create a visual roadmap. When the design intent was complete, we developed a simplified web experience with a sortable administration view to help their team build and share visually stunning resumes.


On an extremely modest budget, we were able to help build an application that is utilized by thousands of users to help source the best sales talent for their clients.