Pockeyt is a mobile application that helps local consumers keep up with local events, deals, & news in their city based solely off of personal preferences.


A couple of Army officers, while transitioning from the military, wanted to provide a better way to help local businesses promote to local customers. They needed to build a business and a product to help this dream become a reality.

"We were really impressed with the Carimus team's ability to help focus the idea into actionable steps. They helped us identify what would be important and how to make progress towards the big picture. We constantly get praise for the quality of design. Bryan is a genius."


We loved this idea from the get-go. We designed landing and branding that would allow them to successfully communicate their design intent. Next, we developed a prototype for the Pockeyt team to test messaging and build marketing. After delivery, we provided Pockeyt support to help them transition product development internally.


We are currently working diligently with Pockeyt to reach this groundbreaking result.