Ascend is the flagship product of Marathon Partners Consulting. It provides real-time KPI management and dashboarding to their clients. We took the industry-leading performance metrics from the Marathon team and built a stunning new application where business process consulting meets peak user experience.


Marathon Partners Consulting matched industry-leading strategy with a great application. However, with their rapid growth, they needed to scale their technology and modernize the user experience quickly. They chose us to help them rebuild Ascend into a modern application with a scalable architecture.

"We were blown away by the user experience and how they thought around the corners. We've worked with tech service firms before but Carimus was really part of the team, helping us to avoid risk and deliver a product to our client that we were proud of."

Steve Campell, Co-Founder


The Carimus team went through our Discovery Through Design (TM) process to better understand the required application goals and design intent. Through interaction, we uncovered the need for a simplified data entry process and a more visual feedback.


With a modern look and feel, the client was able to bring on one of the largest credit union facilities in the country with confidence that the application would support the significant growth in use.