Built by the Carimus team as a social-impact application, GoodBookey is a charitable fundraising platform that redirects existing social behavior for charitable outcomes. We own GoodBookey with pride, as it is a passion project to help high-impact non-profits raise awareness and funds.


Our goal was to provide a safe and legal way to simulate gambling to raise money for charity.

“Fundraising is one of the key challenges of running a non-profit. GoodBookey provides us the opportunity to raise awareness and receive funds with virtually no overhead. We are excited about this application because it has the potential to help us make a big impact in funding our programs.”

Director, Hearts With Haiti


We aimed to develop a semi-native application development approach, helping us rapidly bring a product to market—GoodBookey.


We launched the GoodBookey application in 2016. It has helped with passive fundraising and marketing for over 30 charities. It has been featured in Forbes, the 100k startup contest, and is ready to make gambling for charity a household activity.