The Bright Point Consulting Accounting Portal is a branded customer portal custom built by the Carimus team in order to meet the specific needs of their customers.


Bright Point is a consulting company that assists corporate finance and accounting groups by providing cloud-based solutions for business and financial analytics. Before coming to us, they were shackled by harsh licenses and a low degree of control for software they needed to let their clients interact with their analytics processes.

"Tony, Bryan, and the Carimus team have developed the kind of application development organization we've been searching for. We had a fairly simple application that we needed to be built quickly and for a reasonable cost. They were able to do that. Most importantly, they never talked down to us and our interactions continue to feel like a partnership. We are looking forward to our next project."

Bill Rausch, President


We were able to build out a new client portal for Bright Point that provided an on-par feature set with their old portal but delivered a greater degree of control and was Bright Point-branded from top to bottom. Additionally, since this solution is custom-built, we're able to help Bright Point build features specific to the needs of their existing customers.


Now that the portal is built out and providing immediate benefits to Bright Point and their customers, they remain in ongoing partnership with Carimus. Month-to-month we provide maintenance services and new feature development so that their portal is constantly growing and changing to meet their needs.